How to Improve Running Technique: Arms

We've examined the lowerlegs and trunk, so what should  you do with your arms? I'll be brief because you need to do relatively  little with your arms for distance running (vs. sprints). Your shoulders rotate in response to your alternating legs so your arms naturally follow what your shoulders are doing.

  • Limit excessive arm swing or rotation. It's is counterproductive because it throws off your ability to efficiently run in a straight line. In addition, it's spending energy in the wrong place.

  • Relax your shoulders. Simply let your arms move in response to your legs for running balance

  • Maintain a slight pinch in your shoulder blades to better your posture and to keep your chest open for oxygen consumption.

IRON PT WOD - 9/1/2012 Group Run -  7:39 AM

  • 11 mi; Average pace: 8'57"; Calories: 1280

  • Minutes/Mile: 8'33", 8'00', 7'37", 9'12", 9'17", 9'57", 9'55", 8'52", 9'43", 8'39", 8'03"

IRON PT WOD - 8/31/2012 - Strengthening

I was struggling on motivation so I cranked up the tunes and whipped through a nice circuit before hitting the pool with my girls.

  • 1 mile warmup, BOSU squats, clean and hang, pull-ups, BOSU pushups, biceps curls standing on one leg, tricep press-downs, abdominal mat work and leg lifts