Blaze your own trail!

I blazed the trail yesterday with my fastest 9-mile run to date....and man did it feel great! It started to rain during the last few miles which gave me that "Rocky Balboa" - like feeling. Well, I wasn't exactly carrying logs in the snow, but I experienced a "runner's high" as I enjoyed being out in the element  I paused a couple times during the run to snap a few pictures.

West Essex Trail

West Essex Trail

So, despite all the grueling runs required in preparation for the marathon, be sure to enjoy the moments along the way!

IRON PT WOD: 9/4/2012 Trail/ Hill Run

9.20 mi; 8.06 average pace; 1146 calories

Minutes/mile: 8'22",7'49",7'34",7'42",7'52",7'44",8'12",8'10",8'13",