NYC Marathon Training: THE 20 MILER!

NYC Marathon Training: Days 66-70 I'm comfortably sleeping in my bed after a long week and the alarm goes's 5:15 AM...on a Saturday. Today would be the day for me to knock out the 20 miler!

I was anxious all week about this run as it's really more of a mental test than a physical one. I had devoured carbs 48 hours prior, performed additional stretching and foam rolling, and received words of encouragement from my family. It was a humid morning, but I was well equipped with fluids, Gu, and my audiobook for the first 12 miles. I then joined up with some friends from the Essex Running Club for miles 12-18 before returning home for the final two. It was a great day of training. If you've ever trained for a marathon or other endurance activity, then you've experienced the joy of conquering the big hurdles in your journey.

  • IRON PT WOD - 9/8/2012 5:45 AM - THE BIG 20 MILER! 2 hrs 58 min; average pace 9'05"; calories 2312; Minutes/mile: 8'51",8'34",8'43",8'31",9'06",9'06",8'53",8'38",8'36",8'28",8'36",8'47",9'08", 9'13",9'13",9'21",9'08",9'42",9'16",8'55"

  • IRON PT WOD - 9/9/2012 - REST. A walk in the park with my girls, a little yard work and NFL Sunday couch time. And stretching and foam rolling of course

  • IRON PT WOD - 9/7/2012 6:00 AM; 4.11 mi; 35'38"; average pace 8:49; calories 476; Minutes/mile: 9'31",8'33",8'18",8'18"

  • IRON PT WOD - 9/6/2012 - Rest.