Harness Your Stress with Exercise!

Stress kills...figuratively and literally. I received an extra dose of stress yesterday after our website and email had been down for over 36 hours and then I had to spend valuable time battling insurance companies just to get paid. It made for an incredibly frustrating day and by the time I went to sleep last night, nothing had been resolved which was even more aggravating. When faced with such stress, we have a crucial decision to make in how we harness that energy.

We can lash out at others or reach for detrimental coping mechanisms like excessive alcohol consumption or unhealthy eating, but  I say beat it with exercise! I did just that this morning and had one of my best 9 mile runs. I was still so freaking ticked off about what had happened, but I didn't want to spend another anxious day, so I burned off my stress and left it on the road. I also love a good session with the punching bag!!

So get moving, pump those endorphins, and beat stress the healthy way!

New day = New Attitude....It's going to be a great day at IRON.

  • IRON PT WOD - 9 mile "Stressed and Ticked-off Run"; 9 miles; 1 hr 11mins; 8'06" average pace; 1118 calories; Minutes/mile: 8'38",7'56",7'42",7'57",7'51",7'27",8'04",8'11",8'02"