Nipple Burn!

Did the title make you cringe? Well the actual burn is even worse. It's the unspoken bain of many male runners existence. Years ago when I started distance running, I learned the hard way and ruined one too many blood stained shirts. Since then, I've tried a variety of preventative methods from vaseline (which makes grease stains) , to band-aids (which you see), to shirtless running (which leads to judgmental stares -- "who does he think he is").

Ten years later, I think I found something that actually works ------ KINESIO TAPE! On a whim the other day, I decided to give it a try. It seems to stay in place, be inconspicuous, and peel off without needing a skin graft. Lookie there...great for treating injuries in physical therpay AND nipple burn.

I am also treating a patient who runs 100 miles/week (yes, 100 miles) and asked him to weigh in on the topic. He swears by singlet shirts and vaseline.

The ladies may have a hard time finding the right sports bra, but nipple burn is no picnic!

If you have any other suggestions, I 'd love to hear it!