Let It Go to Avoid Sports Injury!

There are going to be days when your training gets hijacked by unpredictable circumstances with work,  family or health. All three happened to me this week! Work was crazy on Monday and Tuesday, and then yesterday, I had what I believe was food poisoning. Needless to say, all this put me behind in mileage which has been very frustrating. But I have tried to listen to the advice I give my patients and "let it go to avoid injury". What does that mean? It means do not overload the remaining days of the week with increased mileage to try and "catch up". I'm currently fighting the urge to do so, but I know that a sudden spike in mileage can lead to injury. The most important run is the long run so focus on getting that one in and give yourself some flexibility with the rest.

It's better to be a little undertrained and injury-free than overtrained and injured! (Click to tweet!)

IRON PT WOD - 9/20/2012

  • 5 mi; average pace - 8'49"; calories - 592

  • Minutes/miles- 8'45", 8'45",8'30", 8'41", 8'18"

IRON PT WOD - 9/19/2012 - Sidelined....food poisoning got me.

IRON PT WOD - 9/18/2012 - A forced rest day due to work chaos.

IRON PT WOD - 9/17/2012- Upper body and core strengthening. The planned run got benched because of last minute family and work issues.