Does Physical Therapy Work?

If your problem is pain, then yes, physical therapy works.


  1. Relieves pain with NO Drugs, NO surgery, NO needles

  2. Provides immediate and long term results

  3. Lowers possibility of surgery

  4. Leads to better sleep

  5. Improves flexibility, mobility, and stability

  6. Keeps you active and maximizes injury prevention

When physical therapy "doesn't work":

1. Failing to do your homework

Often a big part of recovery is a following a home exercise program. If you fail to  complete the assigned exercises in between sessions, it will be a set back. Your homework is a physical therapist's "medicine", and your compliance is crucial to your overall progress.

2. Doing things on the "no-no" list

Your therapist will give you a list of things you should not be doing during your recovery. We know it is hard to rest (especially for athletes), but continuing to push your body can re-injure the area and may require more therapy.

3. Skipping Appointments

During your initial evaluation, the PT will tell you how many visits you need to complete each week. The frequency of treatment can be the difference between being in therapy for 3 weeks versus 6 weeks. A patient that comes once a week but was instructed to come 3 x/wk, will not recover as quickly.

4. Quitting Early

Life is busy, but you will only recover if you make yourself a priority. Often healing builds on itself, so you may not get the results you hope for if you terminate treatment prematurely.