Get Better. Be Better.

As all entrepreneurs know, it's hard to sum up your business angle in just a few words, but we think our slogan says it all about our hopes for you at Iron Physical Therapy.

Get Better. Be Better.℠

We hope you love it as much as we do.




"Get Better"

- You have found a place to heal as a whole person

- You will tackle physical pain and uncover mental and emotional roadblocks so you can be the very best version of yourself.

- You will "get" better. Notice this is an action verb.

- You will  grow and surpass your goals.

- You will discover new things you can accomplish like running a 5K, opening a business, or living with a positive attitude.

-  You're done chasing it, you will GET BETTER!

"Be Better"

- You will be ready to leave this "rest stop" because you're not meant to stay.

- You will be equipped (and hopefully) inspired  to go out and do amazing challenge your body, to chase your dreams, to address future pain in a healthy way.

- You will be ready to enjoy physical wellness and pursue a life of excellence.


These sure sound like big promises, but we are TIRED of a cookie cutter healthcare environment that just puts a band-aid on things. We want to partner with you to dig deep so you can GET BETTER and BE BETTER.